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personalized prices
from 01.07.20 to 30.09.20

Up to 500€ to be deducted from your vacation !!

Take advantage of the BONUS HOLIDAYS in our Hotel !!!

You can save up to € 500.00, and thanks to the BONUS HOLIDAYS !

3 participants or more= 500,00€ available

2 participants: 300,00€

1 participant: 150,00€

Requirements to get a BONUS HOLIDAY:

  • have an isee not higher than 40.000,00€
  • claim your Bonus from your accountant/patronage
  • spend your Bonus in a single hotel
  • spend your Bonus in a single solution
  • go to the hotel already with the Bonuses available

Offer's detail


Spedo 1000,00€ for a holiday

We are 4 people

The State grants me 500,00€ euro Bonus Holiday

As you deducted?

  • 400,00€ will be removed immediately from the account of the holiday (80% Bonus)
  • 100,00€ are left to the guest to be deducted as a TAX CREDIT (20% Bonus)

Then: 1000,00€ - 400,00€= Cost holiday 600€ to be paid at the hotel

100€ remain in the hands of the guest from the download as TAX CREDIT

More Information

The visitor must already have the BONUS VACATION at the time of payment!

from 01.07.20 to 30.09.20
personalized prices
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