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Every week we offer our clientele excursions to appreciate our beloved hinterland of Romagna. These are just a few of the proposals we will offer depending on the summer times:

  • San Marino - both afternoon and evening tour with guide
  • Tour of Historic Rimini
  • Verucchio Castle
  • Archaeological excavations of the Surgeon's Domus and Fellini Museum
  • ... and many other possibilities through our excursion patner VISIT RIMINI

Rimini's hinterland, in fact, is rich in historical, natural and cultural evidence: the Valmarecchia and Valconca valleys are the cradle of these beautiful places. If you are traveling by car and want to organize an excursion independently of our organized excursions, here are some suggestions for you.

Last Minute
Santarcangelo di Romagna

Situated on Mount Jupiter less than ten kilometers from Rimini, the ancient village, rises on a tuffaceous hill beneath which branch mysterious caves and tunnels that can be visited. Picturesque views are created by the colorful little houses flanked along narrow streets, the majestic fortress, the bell tower, and the pubs and wine bars where you can spend an evening.


Azzurrina, this is the name of the famous ghost who inhabits the fortress and has made Montebello famous. Legend tells of Guendalina, a blue-haired child who mysteriously disappeared in 1375. The castle can be visited by tourists and stands on a peak from which there is a breathtaking view. A charming hamlet, made up of just a few houses, makes up the rest of the village of Montebello, which in the first days of September, hosts the very sweet Honey Fair, which is not to be missed.

San Leo

With its stunning medieval village, imposing fortress built on a cliff, ancient parish church and cathedral, San Leo stands out for its historical and artistic importance. San Leo hosted St. Francis and Dante, was the prison of Felice Orsini and Cagliostro. During the summer, medieval fairs and historical performances make the village even more interesting for an excursion a few kilometers from Rimini.

San Marino

Perched on Mount Titano, 750 meters above sea level, it is the oldest republic in the world. Its splendid and imposing medieval town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. The Public Palace, the Crossbowmen's Quarry, the three towers, the Fortress and Piazza della Libertà with its spectacular view make San Marino a unique and wonderful place. Among the streets of the village you will find many stores ideal for shopping and clubs, where you can spend a few moments of relaxation. San Marino also has no shortage of curious initiatives and events that draw people from all over Italy, such as the famous Giornate Medievali (Medieval Days).


Nestled in the quiet of the Conca Valley, this charming medieval village has a wonderful view of one of the most picturesque areas of Romagna. The visually striking 14th-century Malatesta fortress is worth visiting. This is also home to the municipal paleontological museum, with its display of fossils, flora and fauna. The heart of Mondaino is Piazza Maggiore: a semicircular arcade in neoclassical style that, thanks in part to its excellent acoustics, serves as the setting for the many events that come to life here, including the famous Palio del Daino.

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