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Parco Acquatico Beach Village: scivolo e kamikaze
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Throughout the summer season, we are informed about prices and links to the best Amusement Parks: Mirabilandia, Aquafan, and Italy in miniature. For these and many other parks in the minors we have discounts and promotions and we can have a hotel of tickets in a short time. Ask for information at the reception!

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Fiabilandia 4 km

This park, set in 150,000 square meters of green, is particularly suited to families with small children. Beyond the gate of his magical castle, you will enter a dream world, where you'll meet all the heroes of fairy tales. Inside, dining options, engaging live shows and a lot of entertainment!

Beach Village 8 km

The Riccione Beach Village is a water park with slides and pools for adults and for children. Also, if you are traveling with children, you will love the area with nursery and a kids ' club and your children will be immediately attracted by the irresistible inflatable!

Italy in miniature is 10 km

In the Beautiful Country in miniature, many of the original attractions entertain and engage adults and children: navigating the Grand Canal in Venice in 1:5 scale, there is a sudden scientists in the Luna Park of Science and you will be traveling in mid-air on the Monorail, learning to know and love the great cultural heritage of our country.

Aquafan 11 km

The Riccione Aquafan is one of the first water parks built in Italy and today, it is the most famous in Europe. In addition to numerous water slides and pools, both for adults and specifically for children, Aquafan has a large relaxation area with three ponds, communicating with each other through some small waterfalls, forming a huge whirlpool baths.

Overseas 11 km

Next to Aquafan, you can also visit Oltremare, a theme park and naturalistic-technology, specialized in the protection of particular species of animals, both of land and sea. In this park you can meet and learn more about the dolphins, whose show always leaves everyone breathless, but also the birds of prey. Experience the thrill of feeling the Falconer for a day!

The aquarium 18 km

The Aquarium of Cattolica is the largest of the Adriatic, the second in Italy, with over 100 display tanks. Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish are just some of the many protagonists of this park, which ends with the incredible experience of the hot touch, where you can pet the stingrays.

Mirabilandia 46 km

Have you ever experienced the thrill of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds and whiz by at 120 km/h on curves breathtaking? The iSpeed, the Katun and the many other attractions of adrenaline are waiting for you in wonderland. If you love the breathtaking attractions, you can choose those more moderate, such as white water rafting in the Rio Bravo or the Rexplorer, a convoy darting fast between the canyon and the caves. Inside you can also find many attractions for younger children and the MiraBeach, a water park turned into a small tropical paradise.

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